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Lough Gill Brewery

Gaelic Amore - DDH Juicy IPA

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DDH Juicy IPA IPA 7.0% ABV

Hops : Phantasm + Cryo Hops, Nelson Sauvin & El Dorado

440ml Can, 0.15€ DRS included

Gaelic Amore is a DDH Juicy Ipa brewed in collaboration with our italian friends in Lucky Brews in Vicenza, the grist features Irish malt and Oats. Fermented with Lallemand Verdant and heavily dry hopped during fermentation with Phantasm+Cryo Hops, Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado.

Strong and fresh fruit salad notes coming from the hops in biotransformation resulting in a 7% Ipa, creamy white foam and complex hoppy flavours that recall peach, pineapple, mandarin, pear and a whole spectrum of tropical notes.

Craft Brewed in our independent brewery in Sligo

Pickup available at Cleveragh

Usually ready in 24 hours