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Lough Gill Brewery

Garavogue Mead

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Celtic Meadery, Sligo Ireland


11.5% ABV Desert Style Mead

Collaboration Lough Gill Brewery & Rabbits Foot Meadery

Mead is the oldest alcoholic drinks known to man. It is made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast. 

Lough Gill Brewery together with Sligo Native Mike Faul of Rabbits Foot Meadery Sunnyvale, California Launch Irelands First 100% Pure Irish Honey Mead on a commercial Scale under their Celtic Meadery Brand of Meads. Originally from Sligo Mike Faul had always wanted to add a real Irish mead to his portfolio.

Garavogue spotlights the unique Irish honey profiles. It is fragrant with delicate notes of honey, heather, and is just acidic enough to balance the 6% residual sugar and 11.5% ABV. This particular bottle of mead screams dessert and carries a decent dose of sugar in a full-body style with rich textures and universal flavour appeal. Serve chilled after a warm-weather meal. Garavogue partners well with a variety of dessert treats or is happy to play the role of dessert itself.


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