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Keg Rental

Keg Rental Don’t have access to electricity? No worries. Our jockey box, available for nightly rentals only, is perfect for picnics, BBQs and parties. Open the tap and let the cold beer flow with a jockey box, which dispenses keg beer anywhere without electricity. This jockey box cooler uses Co2 for dispensing, and is cooled with ice and water, making it the easy way to serve cold draft beer anywhere! It’s perfect for picnics, BBQs and parties – let your imagination run wild with possibilities!   Single Tap Box Ideal for serving one beer at a time! Rental includes CO2, regulator, all necessary hoses/fittings, and step by step setup instructions. All you’d provide is the keg and ice!         Double Tap Box Perfect for serving two beers at the same time! Rental includes CO2, dual product regulator, all necessary hoses/fittings, and step by step setup instructions. All you’d provide are the kegs and ice!       Party Pumps Party pumps are the traditional way to dispense beer from a keg and are simple to operate.               Our Policy Please contact info@loughgillbrewery.com at least 3 days prior to your keg pickup date to reserve a keg. Beer availability is subject to change. Anyone involved in picking up a keg or jockey box must be at least 18 years of age. Anyone renting a keg or equipment is required to sign a rental agreement. We require kegs to be returned within 5 days of your pickup date.   How does a jockey box work? The beer is run through a lengthy stainless steel coil that’s covered with ice and water. The lengthy coil creates a longer contact time between the beer and the icy water inside the cooler, giving the beer more time to become cold. This allows the beer to be dispensed from the tap at 2-4 degrees celsius (the perfect beer temperature), even when the keg is at room temperature.   Coil Cooler Use Tips: It’s recommended that the ice/water bath is maintained at 0°-5° C It’s important to replenish the ice in the bath and pour off excessive water to maintain the temperature The coil must be completely submerged in the ice/water bath. Exposed coil can lead to foamy beer Always use cubed ice; crushed ice melts too quickly When dispensing at room temperature, 30-35 pounds of applied pressure is required   For Prices and More Information Please contact us at info@loughgillbrewery.com to find out more