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History of Sligo Brewing

History Of Sligo Brewing   In many ways, Sligo has a claim as strong as any other Irish town to be considered the cradle of Irish brewing. Beer-making has been a feature of the town for over 300 years and it’s a tradition of craftsmanship and excellence that Lough Gill Brewery proudly continues today. In fact, competition was once so fierce that many brewery’s competed to quench the appetites of thirsty locals. What followed was something of a merry-go-round as the different breweries changed hands and sites. The Love Lane Brewery was founded in the early 1700s and was said to be the first brewery in Sligo, pre-dating even Arthur Guinness’s fledgling business by several decades. Other key dates in Sligo’s brewing story: In 1770, Dunbar Jameson opened Jameson Brewery in Doorley Park. In 1772 Thomas Holmes launched Holmes Brewery in Farmhill. By 1810, Thomas Madden was operating out of a small brewery at the bottom of Market Street. In 1819, Messrs Anderson purchased the Holmes brewery and launched the Anderson’s brand of beers – a name that we honour today at Lough Gill with our own Anderson’s Ale. 1822: John Smyth purchases the Jameson Brewery from Dunbar Jameson and launches John Smyth Brewery. 1822: Moses Baird starts a small brewery from Water Lane. 1823: Messrs Anderson & Co sell the Farmhill Brewery site to nephew Richard Anderson Junior. He moves to what was called Radcliff Street, now Grattan Street. 1826: Andersons moves to a bigger site at Water Lane closing down Radcliff site. 1833: Lough Gill Brewery opened by John Cochran and Vernon Davy on Meat Shambles Street, now Bridge Street. 1839: Richard Anderson moves to Knox St, now O’Connell Street. 1842: Messrs Anderson & Co purchases the Lough Gill Brewery. Mid-1840s: Richard Anderson Jnr ceases brewing at Knox Street. 1850: Maddens Brewery closes down. Mid-1850s: John Smyth Brewery in Doorley Park ceases brewing. 1893: Edward Foley Purchases Lough Gill Brewery. 1915: Edward Foley ceases brewing as World War One rages and the Arthur Guinness brand begins to dominate. 2013: James and Valerie Ward establish the acclaimed White Hag Brewery in Ballymote in Co Sligo. 2016: Having sold The White Hag brewery to its invester group, James and Valerie Ward embark on their new project to open the Lough Gill Brewery in Doorly Park, the first brewery to open in Sligo town for more than 100 years.