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About Lough Gill Brewery

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Rebel Stout Series


There’s more than one stout in Ireland, and we can prove it. Our Rebel Stouts are the dark Irish beer your mother didn’t tell you about.

Creating dark, mysterious and unique brews is our passion.

Craft brewed in our independent brewery in Sligo.






Style: Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Cream Stout
ABV:  11%

Tasting Notes

Style: Imperial Stout
Color: Black
Aroma: Chocolate, Coffee
Flavors: Chocolate, Coffee, Raisins & Anise
Bitterness: 3/5
Sweetness: 4/5


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Our Beer

Our Beer Here at Lough Gill Brewery we are all about innovation & creation. Our ambition is to create beers for everyone everywhere to enjoy. Our small batch brewery combined with our brewers passion allows us to do just that. We use the traditional brewing ingredients – Malted Barley, Yeast, hops and water. We produce a full line of year round beers as well as a number of seasonal and speciality series.